New Day builds it's core program curriculum around material developed by Life Model Works. The three modules listed below each take approximately 16 weeks to complete in turn making up a full year of learning for our residents. 
We also believe in the importance of learning and memorizing the Bible. That is why we incorporate "Greater than Gold - Bible Study Series" into every week of a resident's stay with us.


Restarting is the entry module for the Thriving: Recover Your Life program. Over a 16 week period, in Restarting groups you learn how you are created for joy. You learn how to recognize where your brown lacks hoy and how to connect with others in order to retrain your brain FOR JOY! Restarting groups combine joy building exercises , DVD teachings from Ed Khouri and a workbook full of notes, follow up questions and 12 step applications for training. Each class is one third teaching and two thirds exercises! Restarting is all about retraining the brain, not just understanding why we are the way we are.


Thriving is for the whole church. Forming is an entrance to the Thriving: Recover Your Life program to help people grow in spiritual maturity by engaging at deeper levels with God. This 16 week module is all about forming your relationship with Jesus. In Forming, you will learn more about hearing God and finding your true identity in Christ. You will begin to see yourself through the eyes of heaven and recognize grace as an active force for change.


Is another 16 week module that as you work through it in your group it enables you to restore you ability to create a joyful place for others to belong with you. Belonging jump-starts your process of learning the 19 Brain Skills that build healthy relationship and strong emotional resilience. In Belong you learn to recognize when your relational circuits are off and get them running again. Creaitng belonging means learning not to overwhelm others, recognizing the effecst of attatchment pain and learning a surprising way to control your cravings.


These Bible studies are simple and easy-to-use, and are perfect for those who want to know the Bible better, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.