Every week day morning at New Day we have praise and worship followed by a time of sharing. We use a variety of course materials to focus on specific areas of our lives that we need to develop. Some of these are:

  • Developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Learning to hear His voice

  • Addictions and other coping mechanisms

  • Learning to how develop "belonging" within a healthy community

  • Healthy relationships 

  • Bible study


We believe that along with building our relational skills learning practical life skills is equally important. Some of the areas residents are given the opportunity to learn these at New Day are:

  • Kitchen - learning to how to prepare nutritious food, ensuring proper Food Safe standards are met and general kitchen cleanliness is upheld.

  • Animals - learning how to feed and care of the animals here at our facility.

  • Grounds Maintenance - mowing lawns, weedwacking, snow removal etc.

  • Gardens - this includes both our flowers and our vegetable garden. Residents take part in every step from spring planting, summer maintenance and harvest to processing the produce to be used over the winter months.


We believe that emotional, spiritual and mental health go hand in hand with physical health. Our residents participate in a variety of activities such as:

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Aqua Fit

  • Cross-country skiing

  • Physical exercise through work program


Along with building good relational skills and strong work ethic learning to have healthy ways to unwind and have fun is so important. We incorporate recreation into our daily life through:

  • Movie nights

  • Game nights

  • Sports


Remaining relational in the midst of intense emotions and challenging times is a learned skill. We see every issue that arises as an opportunity to build character. Some of the relational skills we are serious about learning and implementing are:

  • Sharing joy with others

  • Learning to quiet 

  • Create appreciation

  • Identifying maturity levels

  • Take a breather, timing when to disengage

  • Returning to joy from negative emotions

  • Identify attachment styles

  • Intervene where the brain is stuck

  • Recovering from complex emotions

  • And many others...


Processing and receiving healing for our heart pain and childhood trauma is a central part of our program at New Day. Residents each receive a weekly one-on-one counselling session with our in house counsellor. We also do additional one-on-one and group counselling as needed.


Every Sunday our residents either attend a local church service or enjoy a service here at our facility.